Maternal Ecologies
a three-year, daily practice, art & research project
Performed August 1st 2010 - May 9th 2013
Maternal Ecologies essay

Maternal Ecologies uses the frame of performance to recast the daily practices of early motherhood. For 3 years I reflected on, inhabited, and researched my experience of early maternal life through the FLUXUS-inspired format of the instruction piece. Year 1, Action A Day (Maternal Prescriptions) was performed for 84 consecutive days. Year 2, Action A Day (Inhabiting Firsts) was performed for 210 consecutive days. Year 3, Action A Day (Gone/There) was performed for 84 consecutive days. The project ended when my son turned 3.

Year 1: Action A Day
(Maternal Prescriptions)
Year 2: Action A Day
(Documenting Firsts)
Year 3: Action A Day